Smart Aliens – Origins

Back in the end of Spring, Lele Studio got in touch with us with this very cool idea of creating an immersive social hangman game, where players would be portrayed as little quirky creatures. They showed us their first mockups: it was a little rough but one could definitely see that it could grow into a fun and addictive game at first sight.

Bringing more fun to the classic hangman game

We took it from there, and started to work on the specifications, in which we wrote down the rules of the game, the main technical specifications, design specifications and a lot of other things such as how would characters react, how they would sound etc. We came up with a lot of new ideas at this time, such as awesome traps, that has taken the game up to a next level.

Then, we started to think about the universe of the game and how it could impact the gameplay. At this point of the project, it was very clear for the whole team that we needed to take the gloomy “hang” away from the hangman gaming experience, so we had to figure out some fun ways of displaying success and failure.

Throughout epic brainstorming sessions and a lot of laughs, we thought of many silly ideas such as blowing the aliens up or making them so stupid they would hit themselves when they fail. We also thought of a voodoo/magician alien universe where failures while trying to guess the word could get natural elements mad, and bring dark clouds and storms etc. We even thought of creating giant robotic guardians that would punish the aliens for their mistakes! Though, it was a little bit extreme and more importantly, we realized that the game was really going to be fast-paced.

First drafts!

Our first ideas for the game universe and how to display failures

The storyline

This is where we came up with a simpler idea of an intergalactic game and that Michael from Lele Studio improvised a great storyline that could explain it:

Humans have been sending random signals through the universe for years, trying to make contact with subterranean species. On a small planet at the other end of the multiverse, a moustached alien scientist started to receive the signals, though he couldn’t understand it. He came up with the idea of organizing a giant game where contestants would try to decrypt those weird signals: Smart Aliens was born!

This storyline became the introduction to the game after Valentin worked his magic, transforming it into a comic strip!

First mockups by Etamin Studio

Smart Aliens intro, by Valentin

We are soo glad to see that a LOT of people are already playing Smart Aliens everywhere on the globe!

Smart Aliens (offline while we are working on a relaunch)

Alan, Hans et Valentin