It's been some time since we posted here, but we have some fresh news we'd like to share!

The team is growing!

After some office space readjustment, we're now five at work. Let us introduce the new recruits:

Dimitri in his last Team Fortress 2 cosplay

Dimitri joined the team last February as a Mobile Developer intern. He's studying at the local university here in Clermont. He's our new alpha-geek, a serious cosplayer, and Raspberry Pi hacker. For the last weeks, he has been working on a mobile game (soon to be released) to learn how to develop crossplatform mobile apps with Adobe AIR and get ready to work on larger projects. He's now giving a hand with the prototype of our Volcans d'Auvergne app (link in French).

Adrien, our own dogeintern

Two weeks ago, Adrien joined us as a UI Designer & Developer intern. Graduating this year from Ingémédia, he's passionate about immersive experiences, usually mines Dogecoin during his lunch break and will strengthen his skills in Front-end Development in the coming months. After giving a visual refresh to the blog you're currently reading, he's now in charge of designing the website that will showcase the upcoming 2014 collection of our clothing label Californie Française.

Also: it's been 2 years

... since we started the Etamin Studio, and we can't wait to show you what's coming!

(Yes, the title of this post is referring to Kingdom Rush, the new productivity-killer here at Etamin Studio...)