Etamin Studio is 6 months old today!

Etamin Studio

29th February was no common date to start a company (only happens every four years) and so has been our time since: uncommon and full of unexpected great news!

It all started with the release of Coton, our first app published both forAndroid and iOS. Our first aim was to showcase our skills by creating a functional cross-device app with a nice UI, but we’ve been amazed by all the good feedback we received not only from design websites and media but also from users all around the world. We are now truly happy to have helped about 7000 cloud amateurs to learn a thing or two about clouds!

Coton on multiple devices

Since the beginning, our plan was to split our time between agency work and our own projects. We found out it creates a smooth dynamic: your projects bring us new challenges and valuable experience we can then reinvest in ours, and vice versa.

Be it the whole front-end development of the new AFP website or the visual identity and website we designed for the startup, we were lucky to kick off our agency work with awesome clients. Later, Hans surrounded himself with all kind of touchscreen devices as he began to master the tricky art of responsive web development for the Annecy Classic Festival website, while Alan and I were working with Toze Labs on building a better social UX for their popular mobile app TVShow Time.

But even more exciting times lie ahead: as I write this article, Hans & Alan are night-coding for a secret project we are to announce this autumn. We’ll also have news very soon about our Californie Française side project amongst other things, so we’ll definitely keep you posted!

Night-coding at Etamin Studio :)

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À bientôt !

Valentin, Hans & Alan